what the fuck 

You know game, while you’re trying to find out how Aelita is connected to the Hermitage, it would probably be more mysterious if you didn’t label this room as “Aelita’s Room”


How does Aelita’s earring change places so much during s1 and s2? It’s CGI, the models are already created. They don’t change unless you manually change them, not as far as I know anyway. 

What the hell. It’s not an animation error like where you just forget to color it or drew it in the wrong place by accident. That’s not how CGI works.

The scenes get flipped sometimes. It’s not just her earring, it’s her whole body. It happens to all the characters, but it’s most noticeable with Aelita and Yumi.

They didn’t actually change the models, just flipped the whole final render of the scene. Probably because they rendered it one way but in the end felt it looked better facing the opposite direction, and didn’t want to go through rebuilding the scene and re-rendering it, because it’s a long process.

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Ziggy was rather happy I started cleaning my shelves yesterday, something new for her to explore.

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I love all the pixel art in this game ff

But Yumi’s face here


What if XANA in CL:E isn’t XANA at all?
Let’s think about it. CL:E!XANA is less intelligent, weaker, uses strangely modified tactics of XANA.
There are two things we forgot about.
1. XANA /WAS/ the supercomputer. He was one of three ‘masters’ of SC, others being Aelita and Hopper. XANA was Lyoko, like then, when XANA escaped the entire Lyoko went dark.
2. Jeremie’s antiXANA multiagent program.
All Lyoko warriors were in one way or another were connected to Lyoko=XANA.
I am still working on that theory and if you can help me I’d be grateful
What if CL:E!XANA is Jeremie’s antiXANA that either wants to wipe out ALL traces of XANA from the world OR it got infected with XANA’s virus when it killed it OR it started to develop on it’s own and uses it’s data on XANA.