pigeons are so dumb I love them so much

"dumb" my ass, you’d do this too if you could


about 2 years since evolution and they’re still precious

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screw it I’m eating anyway >:C

uugh I’m hungry but I don’t know if I should be eating right now

I had to go to hospital for gastritis (at 3 in the morning so that was fun) and they gave me antacids and pain killers but idk if it’s still in a bad state and would be aggravated by food, or if it’s subsided somewhat, because I can’t feel it anymore because pain killers

the doctor didn’t tell me anything about eating or not eating after so I’m assuming it’s ok??


mrs. incredible was all about the real talk and i respect that because she knew that talking down to her kids wasn’t going to help anyone at this point they had to know what’s up if everybody was going to make it out alive this is no time for sugarcoating motherfuckers it’s go time

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brezifus replied to your post “when people act like Evolution is the worst thing to happen to CL”

did queen ever relay to you my/our thoughts on the downturn between seasons 3 and 4 specifically dealing with William

i haven’t actually talked to her in a long time cause i haven’t been on skype in a while

but no she hasn’t but i am both interested intigued as to what you and her have to say

I just woke up I don’t know how coherent I am and I might be typing this up throughout the course of the day.

IMHO Seasons 3 and 4 exhibit some of the worst writing the show ever had to offer. As to why it happened there are a lot of theories, but the fact that some canon installments have been released that take a completely different turn than what seasons 3 and 4 did kind of solidify that the writing in 3 and 4 was frantic and frankly pretty damn bad.

Anyone who knows me knows that I have no love lost for William. I can’t pin the poor writing all on him (JEREMIE YOU TURD YOUR COSTUME DESIGN SKILLS BELONG IN THE TRASH), because part of the problem stems from the writers taking XANA to world-threatening levels but then backpedaling because they weren’t prepared to deal with what that meant/had to dial it back for a children’s show. Plus, they were too afraid to put any of the main five characters in any real danger that a return trip/some pseudoscience couldn’t fix.

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