Day 23: Garage kids.

I didnt know if i ment the style or the scene so i tried to recreate a scene and gave it a different style lol. i really love GK style.

Thanks to many lovely Tumblr people I’m much closer to completing my collection! Any help to get the remaining patterns would be appreciated :’D

River is my native and I’ll happily trade them with anyone who needs one, for anything in return.

Also, for other collectors, this blog has a nice collection of various patterns :>


So I never posted my finished Garnet cosplay. Sowwy~ I get so excited during cons, I never really take formal pictures.


Code July day 21 - Possess

Do u remember “Saint Valentine’s Day” episode? =) Yeah, that necklace))

CodeJuly Day 21 → Posess


Code Lyoko day 22 - Swap

Aelita in Odd’s clothes… /At first I thought to draw Odd in Aelita’s too, but then I decided it will be too much xD /

CodeJuly Day 23 → Garage Kids (GK CL parallels)


love your parents


I’ve been asking myself this question my whole life